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Common sex mistakes

We cannot edit yesterday and must move on to embrace the chances offered by a new day. There are times that we might have made mistakes when we had sex. The recall might depress us. To relive the moment might make us have fear because we think that the lousy incident, such as premature ejaculation.


Those fears

Fear of failure must be overcome. To have sex is a relaxing activity for getting rid of stress. If making out makes a person feel apprehensive, then the experience might be a lot less enjoyable.  There are normal feelings of apprehension such as that when it is the first time. What is important is that you know you want it, and take the steps to avoid making mistakes while sex dating on 6app.   


There are common sex mistakes that people make, especially if they are inexperienced. Some fumble around and rip the condom. Others might get too drunk and fall asleep. These kinds of mishaps are minor.

Major mistakes

But, there some sexually-related mistakes are life-changing such as getting pregnant. A one-time fling might bear seed as a child is conceived and born. The “mistake” can make this woman go through many changes in her life. Unplanned pregnancies happen all the time, and this kind of mistake can be avoided.

Unprotected sex

Some who do not practice safe sex might get a sexually transmitted disease. There are so many different kinds of STDs, such as gonorrhea and herpes. These diseases are curable. However, when one has unprotected sex with an “unknown” partner, it is possible to be infected with HIV, and as we all know, one might develop AIDs.

Be open-minded

Long gone are the days of lack of information, so learning about new positions and how to make sex better can be easily accessed online. Being open-minded allows one to try new things, and that’ll enable you to make every love-making session more exciting.

Lack of foreplay

There are times that we have quickies, but it doesn’t mean that there was no type of foreplay that took place. The teasing, dirty talk, and long looks can bring about that ‘fast-break,’ which might be climactic right away.

Be aroused

During other instances, when there is a chance, take the time to prepare your partner to achieve arousal. Use lubricants and sex toys as desired, as these will aid in making the person want more. If a person is so into the ‘moment,’ they can get mind-blowing orgasms.

Stick to what works

We all want to try out something new. However, what we do best should not take a back seat. When one has sex, it doesn’t have to be innovative each time. You can stick to your routine that works, and achieve a consistently high ‘score.’

Stop overthinking

When we make a mistake, it is possible to find out the root cause of the problem. There are times that our sex dating adventures don’t work out exactly as we planned, and we should be kind to ourselves by not overthinking. We all should accept that we do make mistakes, and do what we can to prevent those things from happening.